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select adj
1 of superior grade; "choice wines"; "prime beef"; "prize carnations"; "quality paper"; "select peaches" [syn: choice, prime(a), prize, quality]
2 selected or chosen for special qualifications; "the blue-ribbon event of the season" [syn: blue-ribbon(a)] v : pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives; "Take any one of these cards"; "Choose a good husband for your daughter"; "She selected a pair of shoes from among the dozen the salesgirl had shown her" [syn: choose, take, pick out]

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From etyl la selectus, from etyl la seligo, from se- + lego.



  1. Privileged, specially selected.
    Only a select few were allowed to the premiere.
  2. Of high quality; top-notch.
    This is a select cut of beef.


  1. To choose one or more elements of a set, especially a set of options.
    He looked over the menu, and selected the roast beef.
    The program computes all the students grades, then selects a random sample for human verification.''


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to choose one or more elements from a set

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accepted, adopted, advert to, allude to, analyze, appoint, appointed, approved, assign, be taken as, best, better, carried, champion, choice, choose, choose out, chosen, clannish, cliquish, closed, contradistinguish, cream, cull, dainty, decide between, delicate, demarcate, demark, denominate, denote, designate, designated, determine, differentiate, discriminate, discriminating, distinguish, divide, draw the line, elect, elected, elected by acclamation, elegant, elite, emblematize, embraced, espoused, ethnocentric, excellent, exceptional, excerpt, excluding, exclusive, exclusory, exquisite, extract, fat, favored, favorite, figure, fine, finest, finger, first-class, first-rate, fix, flower, for the best, glean, greatest, handpick, handpicked, inadmissible, indicate, insular, limited, make a selection, mark, mark the interface, matchless, mention, name, named, narrow, nominate, nominated, nonesuch, nonpareil, opt for, optimal, optimum, ordain, ordinate, paragon, paramount, parochial, passed, peerless, pick, pick out, picked, pin down, point at, point out, point to, preclusive, prefer, preferable, preferred, prescriptive, preventive, prime, privileged, prize, prohibitive, queen, quintessence, quintessential, rare, ratified, recherche, refer to, restricted, restrictive, screen, screen out, screened, seclusive, segregate, segregative, selected, selective, separate, separative, set, set a limit, set apart, set off, sever, severalize, sieve, sieve out, sift, sift out, signify, single out, snobbish, snobby, sort, sort out, special, specialize, specify, split hairs, stand for, state, stigmatize, stipulate, subdivide, subtilize, superior, superlative, supreme, surpassing, symbol, symbolize, tab, take, the best, the best ever, the tops, the very best, top, typify, unanimously elected, unmatchable, unmatched, unparalleled, unsurpassed, very best, winnow, xenophobic
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